Drive Employee Development

360º Feedback


We all like to think that our work behaviors are effective, but the truth is, nobody is perfect. Without accurate and candid feedback, it’s very hard to bring about the kind of change that increases effectiveness. By holding up the mirror, 360-degree feedback:

  1. Allows managers to see themselves as others see them.
  2. Gives managers the opportunity to identify strengths and areas for development.
  3. Lays the foundation for the growth process.

Lominger’s Voices® is a powerful 360-degree feedback tool designed to help managers and executives pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. Well researched and validated, it covers the spectrum of competencies key to success in managerial and executive roles.
Leadership Alliance can manage and deliver the feedback using our staff of highly trained psychologists, or we can teach you to manage the process in-house.


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  • Testimonial

    The clear-cut identification of development needs, the focus on critical competencies, and the customized feedback and coaching provided by Leadership Alliance have enabled us to concentrate our development efforts and accelerate the talent development process. I see this as a very cost-effective investment that has boosted us towards the expansion of our presence in the world area.
    Claudio Miers, VP Human ResourcesEmerson Process Management, Latin America
  • Case Study

    With Emerson’s explosive growth in Latin America, the organization needed a way to identify and develop its high potential talent throughout the region. They knew that to support their business growth, they would need to aggressively develop leaders in this fast growing world area.

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