Work thought disagreements successfully

Build a culture of candor and openness

Conflict Resolution


In any organization, it’s a challenge to manage conflict constructively. One reason is that everyone looks at disagreements through their own personal lens, and each of us copes with conflict in our own way, with strategies that range from avoidance to competition and everything in between. This session:

  • Helps people identify and understand their primary conflict style.
  • Gives them a broader repertoire of styles to choose from.
  • Aids them in identifying which strategies are appropriate for which types of conflict.
  • Provides a model for resolving conflicts more effectively


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  • Testimonials

    David Weller of Leadership Alliance expertly helped our department realize how to successfully manage peer conflict.  After assessing each staff member’s personal conflict style, David provided a solid foundation of definitions and resolution tools that we could begin to use immediately.  If you keep to the training, the results are quite apparent.
    Ken Keller, Arts & Sciences ComputingWashington University