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Developmental Assessments


Whether you want to accelerate the growth of your high potentials or shore up the flat spots of a solid contributor, our developmental assessments provide an opportunity for your employees to hold up the mirror and gain an accurate view of their strengths and developmental needs.

Our developmental assessments:

  • Provide clear, customized feedback on the individual’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Give the individual valuable information about how to drive their own—and the company’s—success.
  • Help the employee design a comprehensive development plan that guides them toward enhanced performance.
  • Foster a growth mindset and specific behavior changes, resulting in real behavior and skill changes that contribute to the bottom line.


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  • Testimonial

    Our Leadership Alliance consultant is an expert at calling effective upward potential in leaders.  He has worked with us for eight years and has become a trusted advisor on helping us build bench strength, understand who are our high potentials and ensuring we have the right leaders in the right place at the right time.  Leadership Alliance has a strong track record with our company and executives call upon our consultant for his guidance and advice.
    Donna Mickens, Director, Organizational Effectiveness
  • Case Study

    A large retailer wanted to invest in and grow their talent. They had several leadership development programs in place, but nothing that provided individualized feedback. They wanted to give leaders targeted assessments of their strengths and developmental needs, along with personalized game plans to enhance key competencies.

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