Engagement Services

Team Development

Is your management team hitting on all cylinders? Do they resolve conflict in a constructive manner? Is there a high level of trust and collaboration?  Do they communicate in a candid and open manner? Read More


Conflict Resolution

Managing conflict constructively is a challenge in any organization.  Everyone looks at disagreements through a different lens, and this impacts their ability to work through conflict in an optimal way with a successful outcome for all parties. Read More


Creating A Feedback-Rich Culture

How has this word come to have such negative meaning for so many people? In reality, feedback should be viewed as a good thing; a chance to course correct and get back on track. Read More

  • Testimonials

    I wouldn’t think of hiring anyone without the input of Leadership Alliance.  Their assessment tests coupled with the expertise and insights of Karen and David Weller are unmatched and help me hire the right people. I didn’t listen to them once and boy, was that a mistake I won’t make again! They took the time to know our core values and guiding principles and help us hire the team players and leaders we need as we grow.  They are simply The Best!
    Karen Kalish, Founder and Executive DirectorHome Works!
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