Management Team Due Diligence

Assessing the leadership team of an acquisition target

M&A: Pre-Acquisition Assessment


When you acquire a company, you take on risk. One key area of that risk is the leadership team. Are they skilled? Are they effective? Savvy private equity firms know to do due diligence not just on finances and strategy but also on the organization’s leadership and culture.

That’s where Leadership Alliance comes in. With our targeted executive and culture assessment process, we can:

  • Provide you with detailed knowledge of each executive’s strengths, challenges, and fit for the role.
  • Obtain information to help coach you in your deal strategy and pursuit of closure, such as which issues to address when.
  • Glean other information relevant to making a good investment at a competitive price.

How else do we add value to your process? We investigate issues and ask questions that don’t get addressed in other aspects of due diligence. We know how to put executives at ease so they feel comfortable sharing information that’s both unexpected and useful.

  • Testimonials

    The psychologists at Leadership Alliance make executives so comfortable that they wind up sharing sensitive data that our diligence team could never have captured. We are consistently surprised by the information Leadership Alliance is able to capture. This information clarifies our understanding of what is really going on strategically and operationally inside the company, allowing us to develop deal terms that better align incentives and protect our interests.
    Mike Miller, PartnerCIVC Partners
  • Results/Case Study

    In an interview with the matriarch and founder of a family-run organization, Leadership Alliance learned that she wanted to exit the company and didn’t want to close one of the factories, which was run by her daughter. Thanks to this knowledge, the investors brought a level of sensitivity that was critical to closing the deal.

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