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The job interview. For most companies, it’s the main tool used to select employees. But there’s a problem: It doesn’t work.  Years of research show that the typical interview is no better than a coin toss for predicting success on the job.

In fact, interviews are often worse predictors than random luck.  Why?

  • Coaches train interviewees to game the process
  • Interviewers have unconscious blind spots
  • Interviewers have less-than-accurate intuitions, and
  • Most interviewers lack structure and practice

So how do you make successful hires?  You look closely at critical competencies that have been shown to predict success on the job.  That’s exactly what our pre-employment assessments do, and have been doing, for market-leading organizations for over 15 years.

We offer three options for Pre-Employment Assessments:

  • Level 1 assessment: is for those who want a quick screen of a candidate’s abilities without the customization of an individual report. Our simplified checkbox report gives a basic dashboard of competencies on a prospective applicant.
  • Level 2 assessment: is geared toward individual contributor, supervisory or sales roles. It provides the prospective employer with an understanding of the candidate’s problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities.  In addition, we measure a range of important work-related competencies in the areas of communication, people skills, work ethic, achievement drive and flexibility, to name a few.
  • Level 3 assessment: provides a comprehensive look at those individuals who will be filling senior-level roles in the organization and whose success is critical to the organization. This assessment provides the same level of detailed analysis as the Level 2 evaluation, but adds an interview with one of our Ph.D. consultants. This competency-based interview provides insight into the motivations and drivers of the candidate, providing even greater assurance that the right person is being selected for a key position.

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  • Testimonial

    We have been working with Leadership Alliance for several years and as partners they have dramatically enhanced our talent evaluation processes. We would not dream of hiring a key executive in our company without a thorough assessment and analysis from Leadership Alliance. From candidate assessments, executive 360 reviews, behavioral interview training, and employee development we have evolved significantly thanks to this partnership.
    John Ericksen, SVP, Corporate Training & Organizational DevelopmentPrecision Castparts Company
  • Case Study

    A Fortune 500 multinational manufacturing company was experiencing significant worldwide growth and needed to hire top talent. They had stumbled with some poor decisions in the past, and they wanted to minimize the risk of bringing on the wrong person.

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