Developing leaders and high-potential talent

has become a strategic necessity

Succession Planning/High Potential Identification


The right leaders, with the right skills, at the right time, to fuel organizational growth. That’s the ultimate goal of any succession planning and talent process. To help you get there, we use the 9-cell performance potential matrix to identify your true high-potentials and provide differentiated development based on need. Managers struggle to successfully differentiate between performance and potential. Subsequently, past performance becomes a proxy for potential. We help your organization define potential clearly and then teach you how to calibrate potential objectively. This leads to a much more robust talent identification and development process ensuring that development is correctly differentiated.
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    Leadership Alliance partnered with us to shape the foundation of our talent management, succession and leadership development strategies. They brought tools and methodologies to the table in a way that worked for our team and our culture. They spent a lot of time listening to our needs and really figuring out what the most impactful solutions would be for our leadership team.The critical differentiator that makes us a promoter of Leadership Alliance is their ability to work within the dynami…
    Audrey McGuckin, VP, Human DevelopmentJabil Circuit
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    With close to 100,000 employees globally, this Fortune 500 electronics solutions company wanted to manage their succession planning and talent development processes.

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