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If you ask most managers how good they are at interviewing, they will probably reply, “Great, above average.” But their hiring track record tells a different story. In fact, the hiring success rate for most managers is in the 50/50 range. Half the time they hire right, the other half of the time a person is brought in who either under-performs or eventually has to be let go.

The other issue is that most leaders think on their feet, so they try to do the same when hiring. That’s why most of them make up their mind about a candidate in the first 3 minutes of an interview. The rest of the time is spent justifying their decision with vague, generic questions like: “What are your strengths and weakness?” These canned questions are usually met with canned answers: “I’m a perfectionist and I work hard.”

Research clearly demonstrates that structured, standardized behavior interviews are significantly more accurate in predicting who will be successful on the job verses the typical unstructured interview conducted by most hiring managers. Since interviews are the single most common technique to help organizations hire the right people, doesn’t it make sense to teach your managers how to do it more effectively?

We think so and we can show you why and how with our proven competency based interview training. It’s designed to help managers increase their hiring hit rate from hit or miss to dead on because they learn to remove the fluff questions and ask candidates things that focus on job success.

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