Introducing TalentTelligent:

Performance-driven people management for everyone

Imagine it. An organization with a common language in talent management, where people are closely connected and driven to succeed. Imagine a selection process focused on uncovering talent with skillsets proven for success. Imagine leaders who finally have the tools and confidence to develop their people instead of shying away from talent conversations. With the new TalentTelligent framework, it is all within reach.



Performance-driven talent management for your entire organization:

Developed by Trusted Experts, Backed by Science.

Industry pioneers Roger Pearman, Ed.D., and Robert Eichinger, Ph.D., utilized decades of research and neuroscience to develop these highly effective talent tools.


Level-Specific Skills.

Not all positions are created equal. The skills needed for a CEO differ from those of an individual contributor. We customize the TalentTelligent framework by level to accelerate performance in every position.


A Talent Language for Everyone.

Our framework of Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes (KSA) is easy for even non-HR people to understand, bringing clarity and confidence to talent conversations. Plus, the behavior-based KSAs can be used across the entire employee lifecycle for a complete, systemic approach.


A Connected and High-Performing Organization is Within Reach.

Any organization in any industry can implement the TalentTelligent system and tools to select and develop high-performing talent, all without breaking the budget.



TalentTelligent Client Experience:

“The latest work by Pearman and Eichinger is their best yet. Grounded in decades of research and experience the KSA approach helped our HR practitioners and employees, to confidently use tools that develop key talent and evaluate leadership potential.”

Kevin H. Chief Development Officer



A Talent Framework For Every Need

The behavior-based skills can be used for the entire employee lifecycle. From hiring and development to HIPO identification and succession planning, providing a complete systemic approach.



Tools To Transform Your Talent:




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